Happy Shopping

Happy Shopping is my favorite cue of this month. It feels good. It reminds me of a Wal-Mart commercial. It's not the type of track I would usually make. One of the reasons I'm happy I enrolled in this school because it's expanding my horizons as a producer. 

This track is built around a marimba and acoustic guitar. I played the marimba and found the guitar in Apple Loops. Every other instrument compliments these stars of the show. Including tiny synth plucks, 808 claps, and shakers. It then goes into a B section that introduces a violin lead. The tiny plucks begin playing an arpeggiated pattern as well. A vibraphone is also introduced in the B section. It plays a counter melody that compliments everything nicely.

I could see this track being used in a national ad campaign for a major retailer. This excites me! I'd love to help with something heard on that major of a scale. The prospect of helping bring more joy to the world also excites me! This track makes you feel good.

I didn't struggle much to make it. Just listened to the track we were supposed to model and created something new along those lines. I used the guidelines that were supplied as helpers in selecting the instrumentation. Overall I'm pleased with the track and I hope it'll make it to the big stage one day.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and also taking the time to listen to my track!

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