Inertia - No Reason

Verse 1 

You see all I really need is a pile of weed\ [13]

Four tires with some speed and I’m good as can be\ [12]

I’m on the move\ [4]

Let the windows down I’m getting loose\ [9]

Try to keep up with me now\ [7]

I need some ladiesssssssss\ [5]

That can throw that thang in circles like the eighteees\ [12]

Hula hoopin while you twerking\ [8]

Listen I ain’t no beginner\ [8]

I’m just here to win it\ [6]

When it comes fun, I’m the captain and lieutenant\ [13]

CHORDS: vi7, VII7, i7, III7 , v7, iv7, v7 





I wait ‘till the nightfall some I can put on my shades\ [13]

Nike checks on my toes have um checking for days\ [12]

I don’t really care what you’re believing\ [10]

I’m just feeling good for no reason\ [9]

CHORDS: vi7, VII7, i7, III7 , iv7, v7


Verse 2

Oh no I don’t care, I’m just doing what I want\ [12]

Windows all down yea y’all need to listen to this song\ [13]

Gon and check me out yea I’m fly like a g5\ [12]

Headed to the party feeling like the illest man alive\ [15]

I been on it seen a young boy\ [8]

Gotta add some heat into this cold world\ [10]

And fill it up with a little drip drip\ [10]

And tip that tequila it’s time to take a sip sip\ [13]

CHORDS: vi7, VII7, i7, III7 , v7, iv7, v7 



CHORDS: vi7, VII7, i7, III7 , v7, iv7, v7, e7 (passing chord to bridge)



I don’t even need a reason\ [8]

To turn up cause I got freedom\ [8]

The freedom gives me the meaning\ [8]

The meaning gives me the evening\ [8]

Yea, the night mine\ [5]

Ya boy is feeling divine\ [7]

So pour me a little wine\ [7]

That cabernet sauvignon \ [7]

Yea and let’s get it litty\ [6]

It’s time to light up the city\ [8]

that quarantining is history\ [7]

now show me how you get busy\ [8]

Toast to a good night yea we made it\ [9]

Toast to another round, let’s get faded\ [10]


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